Darebin Case Study: Engaging community groups


In June 2023 we began a new case study in Darebin council. In Darebin we used a door-knocking approach to participant recruitment that incentivises participation via a $25 dollar donation to one of six local and state-based charities or local community groups as a thanks for participation. When we invited participants to undertake a follow up engagement, they had another opportunity to allocate $25 to a local community group.

We also partnered with the Darebin Falcons (a club that provides opportunities for over 750 women and girls to play traditionally ‘men’s’ sports in an inclusive environment) to recruit participants. Falcon's members will earn $25 towards the club by participating in each engagement. Members of the CEDRR team attended matches to discuss the project and sign-up members to participate.

Two Darebin community members at a local soccer oval


We spoke to over 1,200 residents of Darebin and members of Darebin Falcons, and conducted 321 initial engagements, including raising $1,950 for the Darebin Falcons through engagements with 78 of their members.

Next Steps

We will conduct follow up engagements in early 2024. Following that stage, the initial data and follow up data will be analysed, with outputs focusing on the methodology, a comparison of recruitment pathways, degree of impacts resulting from engagement and exploration of spillover effects.