Resources for collaborator organisations

Why we want to collaborate with community organisations

We strongly believe in the importance of social networks to share information and prepare to reduce risk at the household scale. Community organisations are also often the networks that help communities prepare for or recover from disasters, so through our collaborations are able to channel funding to where it is most needed – where the actions that produce community resilience happen. This approach means that disaster awareness and preparedness can be reinforced through these social networks, and we avoid cold calling our participants.

Why we think you should collaborate with us

We offer an easy way to fundraise for your organisation with very little effort on your part. Our initial engagement takes 20-30 minutes to complete, with a follow up engagement of about 10 minutes 4-6 months following the initial engagement. Throughout the process, we are interested in the experiences and values of households – this means that there are no ‘hard questions’ and nothing ‘wrong’ (this is not a test, but an opportunity to learn about what is important to the community).

The vast majority of our participants report enjoying the experience, most say they learn something, and many go on to take risk mitigation actions at their homes. Participants often mention appreciating our model of engagement because it provides an opportunity to reflect on risk relevant to their household, can result in participants feeling more equipped or empowered to cope with future disasters, or just because they enjoyed chatting with our research team.

What is involved

We start our engagements with someone from your organisation who will be managing the collaboration with us, acting as an intermediary. Once they have completed an engagement they will understand the process, whether it is appropriate for your members, and be able to answer questions from members about what is involved.

Collaborator organisations then typically send out a tailored email to members with a signup link to register to participate. We will assist throughout this entire process by providing resources to help encourage your members to participate and relevant signup links.

We are also happy to come to events where your community gathers, to sign members up in person so that they can meet the team and ask any questions.

Our research assistants will then contact members who have signed up to arrange a time to do the engagement. Each person who completes an engagement will raise $25 AUD for your organisation. We will reach out to members who complete the engagement 4-6 months later for a short (~10 minute) follow up, with each person who completes a follow up raising an additional $25.

You can see an overview of our previous collaborations on our Case Studies page.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch.

What organisations that have collaborated with us say

“As a community focused club, we are extremely grateful to have had the chance to work with Melbourne Uni as part of CEDRR pilot scheme. Clubs like ours are typically reliant on a combination of registration fees and local community sponsorship so any chance to work with other partners to raise much needed funds brings huge benefits.”

  • Tony Cormack, Junior Coordinator and Club Secretary, Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club.

Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club members celebrate the presentation of the cheque from the University of Melbourne research team. Photo: Miranda Russell.

Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club members celebrate the presentation of the cheque from the University of Melbourne research team. Photo: Miranda Russell. Image source